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Nichiha Fiber Cement

A high performance solution through and through with Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels, the possibilities are virtually limitless. A broad range of aesthetic profiles, quick installation and an innovative moisture management system can help bring your most ambitious visions to life.

  • The widest offering of commercial rainscreen styles
  • A sophisticated drained and back-ventilated moisture management system
  • A highly engineered installation system that saves time, money and minimizes mistakes
  • The ability to apply custom colors to our Illumination Series Architectural Wall Panels
  • Concealed clips, fasteners provides a clean, uninterrupted appearance
  • High Performance Panel: No rotting-No warping-No pest concerns-No delamination
  • Recycled content complies with LEED™ Materials and Resources Credit 4, as well as IEQ4.6 under LEED™ for schools
  • Simplified installation system requires no special tools or specialized labor – keeps costs low
  • Panels can be installed on most common substrates: Traditional wood framing—Concrete and masonry (CMU’s)-Structural insulated panels (SIP’s) and metal frame construction
  • Extend your working season!  Don't worry about the weather, Nichiha installation can happen even in the winter!


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