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Muscle Wall

As the climate changes, coastal areas and riverway floodplains everywhere can expect more frequent and severe flooding especially during the winter months with king tides and winter storms. Inland areas can be greatly affected by higher than usual winter snow pack coupled with mild rainy springs, increasing the usual spring runoff. Effective water management solutions are critical.  Muscle Wall is a flood control product that replaces thousands if not hundreds of thousands of sand bags, all while being quick, reusable, reliable and customizable.




Muscle Wall is a flood control product that replaces thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of sandbags all while being quick, easy, reusable, reliable, and customizable. Filling and stacking sandbags is a messy, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process. The true expense of sandbags, once the cleanup, transportation, and other costs are factored, is $2.50 to $5.00 per bag. Most sandbags can't be reused because they are contaminated with gas, oils, and raw sewage.

To protect homes, businesses, and communities from the threat of of flooodwater, sandbags can be used, but it requires the efforts of many people. When the threat is gone, home-owners and businesses are faced with the costly hassle of disposing of the heavy, contaminated sandbags. Muscle Wall can be set up quickly and easily by only a few of people, are reusable, and is effective.

Muscle Wall systems feature an innovative design that uses durable, hollow, low-density polyethylene walls that can be quickly moved into place to protect homes and businesses from the devastating and costly impact of flooding.









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