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PVC Boots

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Size 8
ABE 9257-B 8
In Stock
$25.54 EA
Size 9
ABE 9257-B 9
In Stock
$28.73 EA
Size 10
BOS 2KP296210
In Stock
$24.54 PR
Size 11
ABE 9257-B 11
In Stock
$25.54 EA
Size 12
ABE 9257-B 12
In Stock
$25.54 EA
Size 13
ABE 9257-B 13
In Stock
$25.54 EA

Durability and comfort combine to bring you high quality protection in industrial boots. Ironwear brings you assorted styles for all your footwear needs. Our quality line of boots feature:

  • 100% waterproof 
  • 16" high PVC boot features one piece construction
  • Fits over the sock/foot 
  • Treaded soles for slip resistant comfort
  • Resistance to salt water, organic chemicals, some acids and casual exposure to oils and grease
  • Tough & durable materials that are 100% waterproof 

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