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Enviroprimer Solvent Based Primer 5/gal

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Enviroprimer SB


  • A solvent-based primer designed to provide excellent adhesion of Envirosheet waterproofing menbranes to structural substrates
  • Designed to condition vertical and horizontial structural surfaces to which envirosheet waterproofing menbranes will be applied.
  • The surfaces included are structural concrete, masonry, wood and metal
  • Enviroprimer SB should only be used when the ambient and surface temperature is above 25 degrees F (-4 Degrees C)
  • Packaged in a 5 Gallon pail

Teacnical Data:

  • Color Wet: Blue
  • Color Dry: Clear with blue tint
  • VOC Content: 450 g/l
  • Solids Content: 53% by weight
  • Flash Point: -4 Degrees F (-20 degrees C)
  • Adhesion to Concrete: 7 lbs./ (min.) (1.23 kN/m)

Technical Data:

Property Typical Value
Color, Wet Blue
Color, Dry Clear with blue tint
VOC Content 450 g/l
Solids Content 53% by weight
Flash Point -4°F (-20°C)
Adhesion to Concrete 7 lbs./ (min.) (1.23 kN/M)

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