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CW Salt Shield WB 5/gal

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A Silane/Siloxane Concrete & Masonry Water Repellent



  • A Non Film-Forming Penetrating Sealer
  • Protection Against Salt Damage
  • VOC less than 0 g/L
  • Water Based


Surface Preparation:

  • Apply only to clean, dry, untreated or uncoated surface only that has been allowed to cure a minimum of 28 days. *Prior to use, review technical data sheet for further surface preparation instructions. Substrate and air temperature must be no less than 50 degrees F and not exceed 80 degrees F. If applied outside these limits the sealer may not achieve adequate film formation and may have excessive air entrapment, bubbles, blushing or hazing. Note that in direct sunlight, substrate temperature can exceed 150° F which can cause extreme bubbling issues.



  • Stir well before using. Material may separate during long term storage.



  • Before applying material, please read full technical data sheet for proper preparation, application, and to be sure to follow all safety measures guide lined in this report. Always test any substrate before overall application to ensure desired results. Please test using the following application instructions. Also, let the test area dry completely before final inspection and approval.


Horizontal Application Instructions:

  • By roller, apply CW Salt Shield WB at a rate of 100-300 square feet per gallon depending upon surface type and porosity. Broom out puddles until surface is penetrated. Re-apply a second coat. Less material may be sufficient for a second coat. Once again, broom out any puddles until material has penetrated. This is a “wet-on-wet” application. Coated surfaces should dry to touch in approximately one hour. The coated substrate should be protected from weathering conditions for at least 8 hours after application. A neutral pH surface may need several days to achieve full water repellency.


Vertical Application Instructions:

  • See Technical data sheet for vertical application instructions. Cleanup tools, equipment, and any surface or object affected by overspray with soap and warm water. Substrates coated with CW Salt Shield WB can be coated with silicone emulsion paints and many oil based paints as well. Testing is always necessary and recommended to assure proper adhesion. Adhesion may be improved if the surface is pressure washed and allowed to dry prior to application. CW Salt Shield WB is not a paint primer. Adhesion of cementitous coatings, stucco, plaster, etc., may be adversely affected. These types of substrate treatments should be installed and allowed to fully cure before applying CW Salt Shield WB. Always test to verify compatibility.

It is always recommended to test the product in a small, inconspicuous area (on the same concrete substrate) for desired results prior to application. Coverage rates may vary for all coatings and substrates depending on porosity, density, texture etc. When applying, Do not exceed 400 sq. ft. per gallon. Applying too thin of a coating may cause inadequate film formation or performance expectations may be limited.

Solids: 10% (active)

Drying Time: 1 - 2 hours

Re-Coat Time: refer to instructions

Foot Traffic: 8 - 12 hours

Wheel Traffic: 24 - 48 hours

Application Temp: 50°F - 80°F

Wet Appearance: Milky White

Dry Appearance: Clear and Invisible

VOC Content: <0 g/l

Blush Resistance: Good

Solvent Resistance: Excellent

Concrete Adhesion: Excellent

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