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Snap Footing System

SNA 4T STRYENE TEE 4" #P6-S104 25/CTN from Carter-Waters
SKU: 106726600

Footing Forms (prices are per 1 each)

SNA CP210-    Crossover pipe, no holes, solid, 10 feet long 

SNA FS424-    Snap Footing Steak 

SNA SFF410-  4" X 10' Perforated Coax 

SNA CF490-   90 Degree, all white 1/4 Bend 

SNF 4T-          90 Degree 4" Pipe 


The snap footing system is a method of installing footing using, stay in place polyethylene drain pipe footing forms

  • Faster installation
  • Same day completion
  • Stakes are removed immediately
  • No hazardous in-the-hole preparation and labor to install a whole seperate drain
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