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Prosoco Sure Klean 800 Metallic Stain Remover for Brick 1/gal

Prosoco Sure Klean 800 Metallic Stain Remover for Brick 1/gal f
SKU: 0454023

Hazardous material cannot ship by air transportation. LTL shipping is required.

Sure Klean® 800 Stain Remover is a specialty masonry cleaning product that effectively removes green vanadium stains commonly found in buff or white brick. 800 Stain Remover also removes straw stains, acid bums and other metallic discolorations from most masonry surfaces.

Many staining conditions are created by excessive moisture in the walls. To avoid this, protect open wall cavities from rainwater during construction and correct any structural problems that allow water to enter the walls.


  • Removes tough metallic stains quickly and easily
  • Recommended for surfaces containing colored mortar 
  • Water rinsable


  • Not recommended for use on polished surfaces
  • Will not correct damage caused by improper use of hydrofluoric acid cleaning solutions
  • Acidic contents and fumes may damage nonmasonry and acid-sensitive surfaces
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