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Carlisle 3' x 33.3' Horizontal Protection Board - H

CRL 304927 Carlisle 3' x 33.3' Horizontal Protection Board - H from Carter-
SKU: 0719613

CCW Protection Board-H is a heavy-duty asphalt-impregnated organicmat with a fine mineral applied to the surface to prevent sticking in the roll. CCW Protection Board-H is very tough and provides positive protection to the waterproofing membrane during installation of other work. CCW Protection Board-H is used as a protection course on horizontal surfaces to protect the waterproofing membrane from damage by foot traffic and physical abuse from other trades. 

Typical uses include

  • Plaza decks
  • Roof terrace decks
  • Parking decks and any other horizontal surface to which waterproofing membrane has been applied
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