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Polyurethane Water-Based 501 Clear 1.5 A&b Kit

ARI POLY 501 CLEAR 1.5 Polyurethane Water-Based 501 Clear 1.5 A&b Kit from
SKU: 106697800

Hazardous material cannot ship by air transportation. LTL shipping is required.

Polyurethane 501 is a high solids, two component, water-based aliphatic polyurethane. This unique material provides performance properties equal to conventional solvent-based catalyzed urethanes without the associated health and environmental problems.

Polyurethane 501 meets the 50 grams per liter California VOC limits. It offers substantial performance improvements over first generation catalyzed water-based polyurethanes, including higher film build capabilities, improved chemical resistance and resistance to hot tire staining.

Polyurethane 501 gives hard, durable coatings that feature good gloss, easy cleanability and superior abrasion resistance. Resistance to yellowing from U.V. light is excellent.

For exterior desert applications, a special U.V. absorber package can be incorporated to ensure long-term chalk resistance and gloss retention.

Polyurethane 501 has been developed as a high performance finish coat for various seamless flooring,coating, and architectural concrete applic

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