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Polyurethane 250 Clear 1.5 Kit 2A:1B

ARI POLY 250 1.5 Polyurethane 250 Clear 1.5 Kit 2A:1B from Carter-Waters
SKU: 106870800

Hazardous material cannot ship by air transportation. LTL shipping is required.

Polyurethane 250: Your Solution for Acrylic Sealer Problems, All concrete sealers are not created equal. While solvent-born acrylic sealers may be the most commonly used sealer type, they are far from ideal, especially for projects with heavy foot traffic or for exterior applications. Poor wear characteristics, premature loss of gloss and water whitening issues plague contractors.

The Polyurethane 250 Advantage:

  • Double the wear resistance in high foot traffic areas, such as malls, casinos and resorts
  • Outstanding performance in vehicle areas
  • High initial gloss and unequaled gloss retention in exterior applications
  • Superior stain and chemical resistance in comparison to conventional acrylic
  • Chemical cross-linking gives better water resistance and less whitening problems
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