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Platon Foundation Protector Membrane 8' Roll (525sf)

ARM XSM2440 Platon Foundation Protector Membrane 8' Roll  (525sf) from Cart
SKU: 106892900

Platon Foundation Protector Membrane sold in 8' (525sf) Rolls.

Block walls, poured concrete walls, insulated concrete forms — no matter what construction technique is used to build a foundation, some type of waterproofing is necessary to prevent moisture problems. Platon — the most advanced foundation protector on the market — works with all foundation types.

Unlike spray-on products, Platon is a durable, environmentally responsible HDPE membrane with a dimpled design that physically prevents wet soil from coming in contact with foundation walls by utilizing an air gap that allows air to flow and moisture to drain. Platon is a high-performance stand-alone waterproofing system, eliminating the need for additional waterproofing treatments.

It is easily installed with Platon Speedclips or Speedstrips and will continue to keep the basement dry even if the concrete cracks or settling occurs. Platon is also ideal for underslab applications, where it outperforms builder’s poly.

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