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Pecora 345 Tru-White AC-20 Latex Sealant 10.5oz Cartridge

PEC AC2CTG345 Pecora 345 Tru-White AC-20 Latex Sealant 10.5oz Cartridge fro
SKU: 107195000

AC-20 is a pure acrylic latex sealant for general purpose interior and exterior caulking in architectural applications where slight or moderate movement is anticipated. Elastomeric properties make it an excellent sealant for caulking interior concrete joints, hollow core ceiling and floor planks, windows and door frames, vinyl, aluminum, steel and plywood siding, sheetrock, baseboards, bathrooms and kitchen features. It may be used to grout marble and ceramic tile, repair mortar joints, and under controlled conditions, to bed insulated glass units and storm windows. 


  • The sealant must be protected from water for 24 hours after application; do not caulk outdoors when rain is imminent
  • Windows must be properly wiped since entrapped water could cause reversion
  • Sealant must be given additional time to fully cure before windows are installed because of the closed-in conditions
  • Installed sealant shall no be subjected to repeated exposure of aggressive cleaning or disinfecting
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