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Pecora 890 Field Tintable Non-Staining Silicone 1-1/2 Gallon

PEC 890FTS Pecora 890 Field Tintable Non-Staining Silicone 1-1/2 Gallon  fr
SKU: 106721500

The time-tested silicone technology employed in the design of Pecora 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR provides: Superior Adhesion – Will bond tenaciously to most substrates including mill-finished aluminum and Kynar® without the need for primer


  • No Residue Rundown 
  • Let the color shine through because Pecora 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR do not contain the oils that traditionally cause dirt pickup in silicone applications
  • Non-Staining Formula will not stain commonly used porous substrates such as marble, granite, and limestone


  •  Pecora 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR meet or exceed ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Use G, A, M, O. Class 100 for 890FTS and Class 50 for 890FTS-TXTR – Providing the flexibility for use in a wide variety of jobs
  • Quick Mix – A fast three-minute mix is all you need because activator is not necessary
  • Tinting available, by adding color! Pecora Universal Color Pack – Same color packs that work for Pecora’s urethane products also work with Pecora 890FTS and 890FTS-TXTR
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