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Synthetic Landlok 450G Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) 100/squard yard

PRO 1006280 Synthetic Landlok 450G Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) 100/squard
SKU: 0229086
Brand: Propex

Landlok 450 turf reinforcement mat features technology that consist of a dense web of crimped, interlocking, multi-lobed polypropylene fibers positioned between two biaxially oriented nets and mechanically bound together by parallel stitching with polypropylene thread.

  • TRM is designed to accelerate seedling emergence
  • Exhibit high resiliency, and possess strength and elongation properties to limit stretching in a saturated condition
  • Every component of LANDLOK 450 is stabilized against chemical and ultraviolet degradation which are normally found in a natural soil environment
  • The TRM contains no biodegradable components
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