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Euclid Powder Winter Mix 1.25 LB Bag

EUC 02195 Euclid Powder Winter Mix  1.25 LB Bag from Carter-Waters
SKU: 0016771

Euco Winter Mix Power is used in mortar to lay brick, block, structural clay tile and glass block to eliminate the dangers connected with freezing mortar joints.


  • Calcium chloride based admixture designed to accelerate the normal setting rate of mortar
  • Increase strength development at all ages and improve workability
  • Is the dry version of the Euco Winter Admixture
  • It produces virtually the same results in mortar as does the Euco Winter admixture liquid formula
  • Tests of Euco Winter Admixture liquid show that both plastic and hardened mortar properties are improved
  • Accelerates setting times of mortar
  • Aids in protecting mortar in cold weather
  • Cuts construction costs-no cold weather job delays
  • Increases strengths at all ages
  • Improves workability
  • Does not affect bond strength of mortar
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