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Construction Master Pro Desktop Calculator

CAL 44080 Construction Master Pro Desktop Calculator from Carter-Waters
SKU: 105791900

The Construction Master Pro Desktop is the most complete construction-math calculator on the market! With many powerful new built-in solutions and expanded preference selection; it’s easy to use for fast, accurate solutions to construction problems. Perfect for completing layouts, bids and estimates. It also saves time, money, materials and frustration. No office should be without it.


  • Work in and convert between any building-math dimension
  • Built-in Right-Angle function
  • Complete trigonometric function & D:M:S conversions
  • Roof, Rafter and Framing Solutions
  • Complete Stair Layout
  • Calculates Weight per Volume, Footing Volume, Blocks, Roof Area
  • Circular Calculations, Circumference, Arcs, Segments and More
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