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Chemque Black Traffic Loop Sealant 1Qt Tube

CHE 290S-30F1 BLK Chemque Black Traffic Loop Sealant 1Qt Tube from Carter-W
SKU: 106828500

Q-Seal 290S Detector Loop Sealant is a one component thixotropic moisture curing polyurethane sealant. It is designed for use in both asphalt and concrete pavement to provide a weather and chemical resistant waterproof seal.


Q-Seal 290S is primarily used as a protective seal for traffic detector wire loops employed in actuated intersections. It may be used as a sealant for saw cuts in concrete or asphalt surfaces. CURING Q-Seal 290S will skin over in approximately 3 hours at 77°F and 50% R.H. At temperatures below 77°F this product will take proportionately longer time to cure. At temperatures above 77°Fit will take a proportionately shorter time to cure.


The substrate should be dry, dust free and as smooth as possible before installation of QSeal 290S. It is recommended that ambient temperatures at time of sealant application should not exceed 100°F or fall below 36°F. It is recommended that Q-Seal 290S be applied by using a pressurized dispensing system, allowing for positive injection of Q-Seal 290S into the saw cut to properly encapsulate the loop wire. Normally the dispensing system consists of a 10:1 ratio pump with air regulator, gauge and air valves. The primer is an elevator with a follower plate that should be resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons. The hoses used should be Teflon lined with stainless steel cover. The flow gun itself should be a 6000 psi extrusion flow gun with various wand attachments. To apply the 30 fl. oz. cartridge, use a manual or air-operated caulking gun.

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