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Carlisle 550 Primer for Hot Applied Membrane 5 Gallon

CRL 305359 Carlisle 550 Primer for Hot Applied Membrane 5 Gallon from Carte
SKU: 0719620

Hazardous material cannot ship by air transportation. LTL shipping is required.

CCW-550 Primer is a single-component, solvent-based bituminous primer especially designed to promote adhesion of the CCW-500 Hot-Applied Liquid Membrane by preparing the concrete surface. CCW-550 Primer is spray ready without having to thin or can also be applied with a roller.



Prime all concrete, gypsum, masonry, brick, plywood, and metal surfaces to which the CCW 711-70 Pre-Pave, CCW 711-90 Sheet Membrane & Flashing or CCW-500 Hot-Applied Membrane is to be applied. Do not thin CCW-550 Primer before application. CCW-550 is best applied with airless spray equipment. CCW-550 Primer can also be applied by roller. Use a screen in the pail to roll off excess primer. The product has a satisfactory cure when it will not transfer when touched. Apply only to areas to be waterproofed the same day. Reapply if area becomes dirty or wet.

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