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6"x 180' MasterSeal AWB 971 FIB Sheathing Fabric

BAS 45183677 6"x 180' MasterSeal AWB 971 FIB Sheathing Fabric from Carter-W
SKU: 0900447

Recommended Uses:

  • Excellent for producing a waterproofing layer over wood or other surfaces when combined with the appropiare resin
  • Used as a treatment for substrates joints and wrapping of rough opening for windows, doors and through-wall penetrations
  • A material used to enclose and protect the structure


  • Provides structural stiffness and backing required by that assembly
  • Fabric is a balanced mesh of twisted multi-end glass-fiber that is used with Enershield-1
  • Reinforced non-woven polyester fabric designed for use with Enershield-HP or Enershield-1 air/water-resistive barrier


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