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Asphalt SS-1h Emulsion 455 Tack Coat 55 Gallon

SS-1H 55GL Asphalt SS-1h Emulsion 455 Tack Coat 55 Gallon from Carter-Water
SKU: 107097000

SS-1H Asphalt Emulsion when diluted with water is an excellent tack coat for patches and for preparing concrete, brick, or old, dried-out blacktop for resurfacing mixes. It may be diluted with up to one part water to one part emulsion and brushed or sprayed over clean surfaces to give a sticky, non-oily treatment that dries quickly.


  • Concrete, brick, dried-out blacktop.
  • Larger holes may be patched with crushed stone mixed with enough SS-1H to coat all particles.
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