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Ardex Concrete Dressing Fine 20lb box

SKU: 106806700

ARDEX CD is a concrete resurfacing compound modified with high-performance polymers for exceptional bond strength. Formulated from a blend of Portland cement and other hydraulic cements, ARDEX CD can be used over the surface of existing concrete to produce a new wear layer as well as to fill in small surface defects, such as spalls and gouges.


Ideal for:

  •  Sidewalks, patios, plazas, courtyards, walkways, driveways, parking garages, pool decks and most vertical concrete surfaces. When mixed with water, the result is a creamy, smooth, slurry consistency that can be applied by trowel, squeegee or hopper gun. Once applied, ARDEX CD can be broom textured before it sets for a reduced-slip surface.
  • Resurface worn and spalled concrete to provide a “new concrete” finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Hardens quickly
  • Freeze-thaw resistant
  • Suitable for foot and rubber tire traffic on commercial and residential applications
  • Use for interior and exterior floors and walls

Substrate Preparation:

  • All concrete substrates must be structurally sound, solid, thoroughly clean and free of any form release, sealers or paints, patching compounds, dust, dirt, oils and any other contaminant that could act as a bond breaker. If necessary, mechanically clean the floor down to sound, solid concrete by shot blasting, grinding or similar. High-pressure (5000 psi) power washing may also be used to remove dust, dirt and debris, though the concrete must then be allowed to dry thoroughly before proceeding. Overwatered, frozen or otherwise weak concrete surfaces must also be cleaned down to sound, solid concrete by mechanical methods. Acid etching, adhesive removers, solvents and sweeping compounds are not acceptable means of cleaning the substrate. The use of sanding equipment is not an effective method to remove curing and sealing compounds. Clean debris out of expansion joints and tape or mask the joints off to prevent ARDEX CD from filling the joint. Use a lawn edger to clean around the walk or driveway, as well as around planter boxes and landscaped areas. Substrates must be dry for a successful installation.
  • The concrete substrate must be absorbent to receive ARDEX CD. Any additional preparation required to achieve this must likewise be mechanical. Substrate and ambient temperatures must be a minimum
  • of 50°F (10°C) for the installation of ARDEX products. Please note that when removing existing flooring, any asbestos-containing materials should be handled and disposed of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.
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