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Prosoco Sure Klean Limestone & Masonry Afterwash Cleaner 5/gal

PRO 2003805 Prosoco Sure Klean Limestone & Masonry Afterwash Cleaner 5/gal
SKU: 0453065
Brand: Prosoco

Hazardous material cannot ship by air transportation. LTL shipping is required.

Sure Klean® Limestone & Masonry Afterwash, a brightening cleaner with a mild organic acid cleaning compound, neutralizes and brightening surfaces that have been prewashed with Sure Klean® 766 Limestone & Masonry Prewash.

When used properly, this two-part cleaning system removes heavy carbon, dirt and other atmospheric stains from porous limestone, concrete and most other porous masonry surfaces. 766 Limestone & Masonry Prewash and Limestone & Masonry Afterwash will not damage most masonry surfaces.

As part of the Enviro Klean® ReKlaim system, Limestone & Afterwash helps remoe combinations of atomospheric and biological staining that blacken limestone, marble, concrete and other masonry surfaces in humid environments.

Limestone & Masonry Afterwash also provides effective surface neutralization on masonry cleaned with Sure Klean® Heavy Duty Paint Stripper.

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