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MasterKure HD 200WB Hardening, Sealing Compound 55/gal

CHE 57152803 MasterKure HD 200WB Hardening, Sealing Compound 55/gal from Ca
SKU: 0336014
Brand: BASF

MasterKure HD 200WB is a water-soluble, inorganic, silicate-based hardening and dust proofing compound. Use it for freshly placed and finished concrete, and in renovation of aged concrete.

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Above or below grade
  • Concrete floors and pavements
  • Curing of fresh concrete
  • Renovation of aged concrete


  • Protects floors during construction
  • Water-based, no VOCs and easy clean up
  • Aids curing of concrete; minimizes shrinkage cracking, and improves strength development


  • Easy to apply and quick drying for quick turnaround
  • Hardens concrete to withstand moderately heavy duty traffic
  • Improved abrasion-resistance to extend wearability
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