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Prosoco Enviro Klean ReVive Biological Soiling Remover for Monuments & Gravestones 5/Gal

Prosoco Enviro Klean ReVive Biological Soiling Remover for Monu
SKU: 0403479
Brand: Prosoco

Biological soiling remover for monuments and gravestones. Enviro Klean® ReVive removes mold and mildew staining and atmospheric soiling that disfigures and degrades many types of construction materials.


  • Safe for landscape plantings and grass.
  • Safe for interior use in occupied buildings.
  • Effective on all types of stone, concrete and brick masonry.
  • Non-fuming, low-odor formulation.
  • Needs no substrate neutralization.
  • Minimal precautions required for handling and storage.
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or coarse spray.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Concentrated for economy.
  • Safe and effective on wood, painted surfaces, metal, glass and plastic

ReVive is a highly efficient alternative to aggressive cleaners traditionally used on interior and exterior masonry, stone and tile surfaces.

ReVive can also be applied safely to non masonry substrates such as wood, painted surfaces, metal, plastic and glass.

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