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T1000 Primer Bonding Agent 1/Gal

Butterfield T1000 Primer Bonding Agent 1/Gal from Carter-Waters
SKU: 105612800

T1000™ Primer is a bonding agent for use with Butterfield Color's T1000 Stampable Overlay, a cementitious overlay for the resurfacing of interior or exterior concrete. As an option, it may also be used with T1000 Fine Overlay. It is a concentrated ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer liquid, that when properly mixed and applied, enhances the adhesion, workability and curing of cementitious overlays. It is a white liquid that dries to a clear film.

Recommended Uses:

  • For interior or exterior and horizontal or vertical use
  • At diluted strength the coverage is approximately 400 square feet per gallon, but varies with surface conditions, a second application is recommended
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